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NPC to Establish 5th Research, Technology Center in Makran

NPC to Establish 5th Research, Technology Center in Makran
(Wednesday, July 10, 2024) 16:05


TEHRAN (NIPNA) - The National Petrochemical Company (NPC) is set to establish its fifth Research and Technology Center in Makran, following the successful establishment of in Tehran, Arak, Shazand, and Assaluyeh.

This was announced by Morteza Shahmirzaei, Deputy Petroleum Minister and CEO of NPC, during the "Technology Transfer and Localization of Refining, Petrochemical, and Gas Industry Catalysts" conference held on Tuesday.

Shahmirzaei highlighted the significant strides made in the past two years towards the development of the petrochemical industry, with a particular focus on the localization of essential catalysts.

"We have made considerable efforts to localize the catalysts needed for this industry, embarking on a mission to achieve this goal through various strategic initiatives," he stated.

Shahmirzaei emphasized the key role catalysts play in the petrochemical sector and mentioned that substantial achievements have been realized under the current administration, aligning with the goals of self-sufficiency and industry development. "The Petrochemical Research and Technology Company serves as the research arm of NPC, dedicated to developing and commercializing technical knowledge for the production of petrochemical products, catalysts, and necessary chemicals. It also focuses on optimizing production processes and enhancing existing technologies," he added.

The decision to establish the fifth research and technology center in Makran is part of a broader strategy to expand the NPC's research capabilities. "We faced challenges in some catalyst segments due to Western sanctions, which prompted us to collaborate closely with industry experts to localize production. This led to the creation of a comprehensive catalyst document, which analyzes the status of the petrochemical industry in the region and Asia, identifying key areas for focused investment," Shahmirzaei explained.

In 2022, the NPC hosted the first catalyst exhibition, providing a platform for researchers and university experts to engage and exchange technical knowledge. Shahmirzaei noted that this initiative fostered significant collaboration and knowledge sharing within the industry.

One of the notable outcomes of these efforts is the establishment of the first catalyst center in collaboration with Amirkabir University, highlighting the NPC's commitment to advancing domestic capabilities and innovation in the petrochemical sector.

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