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Nakhle Asmari Petchem Plant Inaugurated by Acting President

Nakhle Asmari Petchem Plant Inaugurated by Acting President
(Wednesday, June 26, 2024) 11:21

TEHRAN (NIPNA) - The Nakhle Asmari Petrochemical Plant has officially commenced operations, aligning with Iran's strategy to enhance the methanol value chain. The inauguration, which followed years of project delays, marks a significant milestone with an investment of $43 million.

On Monday, June 24, 2024, the plant was inaugurated by Acting President Mohammad Mokhber, with the presence of Petroleum Minister Javad Owji and Morteza Shahmirzaei, Deputy Minister of Oil and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company.

Nakhle Asmari Petrochemical Plant, located at Site 3 of the Mahshahr Petrochemical Special Economic Zone, aims to produce 31,000 tons annually of acetaldehyde, paraformaldehyde, and pentaerythritol. The project, initially started in 2003 and stalled in 2008 after completing the formalin pentane unit, resumed in June 2021 and achieved 100% completion in 29 months under the Thirteenth Administration, advancing from a mere 10% completion.

The investment in the Nakhle Asmari Petrochemical Plant amounts to $43 million, with the pentaerythritol unit projected to generate $20 million annually in foreign exchange earnings. The plant will create over 400 direct jobs and 800 indirect jobs in its first phase.

The pentaerythritol unit utilizes feedstock including formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, sodium hydroxide, formic acid, and activated carbon. Methanol, a precursor for formalin production, is sourced from another petrochemical unit, while ethanol, a precursor for acetaldehyde, is procured from local companies in Khuzestan Province.

The production capacities are set at 6,000 tons of acetaldehyde, 10,000 tons of paraformaldehyde, and 15,000 tons of pentaerythritol annually. Pentaerythritol, a strategic product, is used as an additive and stabilizer in pharmaceuticals, in the production of specialized paints, and as a key ingredient in the manufacture of lubricants. Additionally, it is a vital component in producing biodegradable plastic resins, which help reduce plastic waste.

Nakhle Asmari is also planning new projects, including biodegradable plastics and polyoxymethylene (polyacetal). These projects, being undertaken for the first time in Iran, will produce biodegradable plastics (PBAT) used in food packaging, agricultural films, shopping bags, mulch films, paper coatings, and labels, significantly contributing to the reduction of polymer waste. Polyacetal will be utilized in the automotive industry as a metal substitute for components, as well as in electronics, home appliances, irrigation systems, tools, and consumer goods.

The final products of Nakhle Asmari Petrochemical Plant are positioned at the end of the methanol and ethanol value chain, representing pioneering production in Iran.

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