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1st Section of Flares Extinguished in Gachsaran Region

1st Section of Flares Extinguished in Gachsaran Region
(Sunday, May 19, 2024) 10:03

GACHSARAN (NIPNA) - The first section of flares at the Gachsaran 1 and 2 facilities has been successfully extinguished, marking a significant milestone in the region's environmental efforts.

This development paves the way for the Bidboland Persian Gulf Gas Refinery to process an additional 12 million cubic feet of gas. The extinguishing of these flares is a critical step in reducing environmental impact and optimizing resource utilization.

Morteza Shahmirzaei, Deputy Petroleum Minister, emphasized the National Petrochemical Company's (NPC) renewed commitment to flare gas recovery. "In line with the President's directives, the NPC is dedicated to collecting a substantial portion of petrochemical flares by the end of this year," Shahmirzaei stated. He further assured that additional flares supplying feedstock to petrochemical units will be controlled within the next three years.

Highlighting the dual role of flares as safety valves, Shahmirzaei noted, "Petrochemical processes necessitate flares for emergency situations to prevent accidents, while in stable conditions, they are managed and minimized."

This initiative underscores Iran's strategic move towards sustainable energy practices and reflects the broader industry commitment to environmental stewardship.

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