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NPC Accelerates Gas Flare Collection Efforts

NPC Accelerates Gas Flare Collection Efforts
(Saturday, April 27, 2024) 18:05

AHVAZ (NIPNA) - The Deputy Minister of Petroleum and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company has highlighted the acceleration of the process of collecting associated gases and flares in 2024, stating that a portion of the gas flares from petrochemical units will be collected by the end of this year.

During his operational visit to Asaluyeh, Morteza Shahmirzaei emphasized the National Petrochemical Company's increased commitment to the strategy of collecting gas flares. He stated, "The National Petrochemical Company has committed to collecting a portion of the gas flares in petrochemical units by the end of this year."

He further explained, "Another part of the gas flares that provide feedstock for petrochemical units will be contained within the next three years."

Highlighting the importance of reliable flare valves, Shahmirzaei reminded, "The petrochemical process requires flare stacks to be lit during emergencies and shutdowns and to be contained during stable conditions."

Spring Blossom for Petchem Projects in Year of Production Surge

The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company stated, "In the year of production surge, petrochemical projects are flourishing one after another."

Referring to the abundant hydrocarbon reserves in the prosperous Pars region and the naming of 2024 as the "Year of Production Surge with People's Participation" by the esteemed Leader of the Revolution, Shahmirzaei said, "God has bestowed these prosperous resources upon Iranians, and this year we will witness the inauguration of various projects."

Shahmirzaei also mentioned the operation of the olefin and MEG petrochemical projects in Bushehr by the end of this year, stating, "This year, 12 projects will enter the production phase, which will not only create employment and economic development but also play a role in generating revenue."

Inviting investors to participate in productive activities in the petrochemical industry, the CEO highlighted, "The petrochemical industry, by creating sustainable added value, is at the forefront and the leading disciple of the country's economy."

During this trip, Morteza Shahmirzaei visited the Dena, Pars, Phase 2, and Desalination units of petrochemical complexes, as well as the Mehr Petrochemical projects and Lavan Development.

Another agenda item for the Deputy Minister of Petroleum and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company during his one-day trip to Asaluyeh was attending a brainstorming session on strategies for achieving maximum production surge and holding a spiritual assistance ceremony in the form of 888 livelihood aid packages from the Bushehr petrochemical industry for the flood-affected people of Sistan and Baluchestan province and the less privileged areas of Bushehr province.

This program was held as part of the implementation of the social responsibility strategy of the petrochemical industry.

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