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Completing Value Chains Vital for Petchem Industry Production Surge

Completing Value Chains Vital for Petchem Industry Production Surge
(Wednesday, April 24, 2024) 10:28

TEHRAN (NIPNA) - Deputy Minister of Petroleum and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company underscored the government's serious commitment to realizing the "production surge" strategy through completing the value chains of petrochemical products and providing unwavering support to production units.

Morteza Shahmirzaei, the Deputy Minister of Petroleum and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company, highlighted the importance of this strategy during separate specialized meetings with lower-tier industry managements, production control, and the National Petrochemical Company's plan schemes.

"In addition to the targeted efforts to complete the methanol, polymer, and polypropylene value chains, attention must also be paid to the ethylene production chain," Shahmirzaei stated during the strategic meeting with lower-tier petrochemical industry managements.

He emphasized the necessity of constructing specialized petrochemical industrial parks, stating that completing the value chains of various products could not only meet the country's needs but also contribute to the development of exports.

Shahmirzaei hailed the credit supply for petrochemical products in 1402 (which ended on March 20) as a significant achievement and added, "The satisfactory cooperation between holdings and petrochemical companies in credit sales has led to the prosperity of production and the economy of small units in the complementary industries sector."

Petrochemical Industry: Driving Force of the Country's Industries

Furthermore, during a meeting with production control management, Shahmirzaei emphasized the need for production growth in the value-creating petrochemical industry, stating, "The production control management of the National Petrochemical Company plays a crucial, influential, and strategic role in increasing interaction and cooperation among various industry stakeholders."

"The petrochemical industry is the driving force behind various industries in the country, and the development of this industry will lead to the growth and advancement of other industries," he added.

Shahmirzaei also stressed the importance of indigenizing the catalysts required by the industry, stating, "The indigenous production of necessary catalysts is a significant step towards achieving sustainable production in petrochemical complexes, which, with the efforts of the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company and knowledge-based companies, can completely eliminate Iran's dependence on catalyst imports."

He emphasized the need to remove production obstacles and challenges to maximize the use of existing capacities, stating, "The production capacity of the petrochemical industry will exceed 100 million tons by the end of this year."

The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company urged the production control management to not only provide unwavering support to production units but also to implement a cohesive and effective plan to achieve the production surge goal through the completion of value chain strategies.

Necessity of Strengthening Export Infrastructure

Continuing in a session with plan schemes management of the National Petrochemical Company, the Deputy Minister of Petroleum stated, "The development and renovation of ports and export terminals for petrochemical products need to be accelerated so that newly launched projects can easily engage in exports."

"With 12 new projects being added to the petrochemical product manufacturers this year, project management must closely monitor the implementation of petrochemical project operations to not only address upcoming challenges but also ensure sustainable production," he concluded.

He stressed the importance of using domestically produced goods, equipment, and parts in petrochemical projects, stating, "Iranian companies and manufacturers have excellent capacities to meet the needs of projects, and we must empower ourselves and focus more than ever on supporting domestic production."

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