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Petchem Industry Embarks on "Production Leap with People's Participation" Initiative

Petchem Industry Embarks on "Production Leap with People's Participation" Initiative
(Saturday, April 13, 2024) 13:25

TEHRAN (NIPNA) - The inaugural specialized meeting of senior managers in the petrochemical industry, aimed at realizing this year's slogan "Production Leap with People's Participation," was held at the National Petrochemical Company headquarters.

The meeting, held on Saturday, April 6, 2024, attended by Morteza Shahmirzai, Deputy Minister of Petroleum and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company, Majid Chegeni, CEO of the National Iranian Gas Company, CEOs of petrochemical holdings, petrochemical companies, and senior industry executives, discussed strategies, plans, and concerns of petrochemical companies to achieve this year's slogan.

During the meeting, the Deputy Minister of Oil and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company announced the establishment of the first production leap task forces at three levels: the National Petrochemical Company, petrochemical holdings, and petrochemical companies.

He emphasized, "The establishment of such task forces, in addition to ensuring sustainable feedstock and addressing production barriers, can guarantee domestic and foreign investors' 'investment security,' thus ensuring production security in the country and fulfilling the missing link in production, as emphasized by the Supreme Leader's slogan for this year; 'People's Participation.'"

"In essence, the share of production in a country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) plays a crucial role in its economic growth and development. If this production is geared towards exports and capturing international markets, it will have a twofold impact on GDP growth and economic prosperity," he added.

The Deputy Minister of Petroleum's remarks underscored the Supreme Leader's ongoing emphasis on production and development through production, naming this year's slogan based on the importance of production as an economic indicator and in creating citizen welfare. This year's slogan, however, has a slightly different tone from previous years. It considers all citizens and the Iranian people as partners in production for the country's development.

Over the past century, Iran's petrochemical industry has played a pivotal role as the engine of the country's economy and industry. With the creation of added value and the shift towards downstream products, we are witnessing the flourishing of production and the economy.

Iran's petrochemical industry, as one of the downstream industries of oil and gas, has focused on itself during the era of sanctions and "resistance economy policy." It has directed attention towards various fields, including exports of various products and foreign currency generation. It has also facilitated the country's economic prosperity by relying on domestic companies and knowledge-based companies in the production of various catalysts, process equipment, and transferring technical knowledge domestically.

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