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Arvand Petchem Company Boosts Output

Arvand Petchem Company Boosts Output
(Saturday, April 6, 2024) 13:35

TEHRAN (NIPNA) - Arvand Petrochemical Company has reported an unprecedented increase in the production of salt by 1,144,572 tons in the current year, leading to the continuous operation of its strategic unit, the heart of its operations, the Chlor-Alkali (CA) unit.

According to Arvand Petrochemicals’ public relations, the company achieved production growth rates of 7.31%, 8.19%, 20.45%, and 6.97% in four essential and strategic products, namely washed salt, EPVC, SPVC, and VCM, respectively, compared to the previous year.

This increase in production has not only ensured the stability of the Middle East's largest chlorine producer's profits but has also provided sustainable feedstock for other parent industries, boosting production and profitability for petrochemical companies affiliated with Arvand's products.

The surge in salt production has facilitated the continuous operation of the strategic unit, the Chlor-Alkali (CA) unit, enabling Arvand Petrochemicals to continue producing PVC products efficiently. This ensures the flawless operation of the largest chlorine producer in the Middle East, even amid inflation and production growth, stabilizing the prices of PVC and caustic soda products supplied to over 18 downstream companies associated with Arvand Petrochemicals, thereby controlling market prices and preventing price hikes for consumer goods.

In the calendar year of 1402 which ended on March 20, Arvand Petrochemicals actively participated in domestic manufacturing support events, signing numerous contracts and agreements with domestic and knowledge-based companies.

Additionally, it produced several valuable catalysts domestically, contributing to the localization of VCM production. This achievement aligns with the company's commitment to indigenous production of any component or product with the expertise of its skilled domestic workforce.

Ranked 5th in terms of highest sales returns among Iran's top 100 companies, Arvand Petrochemicals has demonstrated positive performance and upgraded its human resources by participating in the Excellence Model, achieving a C2 rating.

The company intends to implement new approaches in managerial training in the coming year to maximize the empowerment of its employees and managers at various levels of knowledge and expertise.

In addition to its technical and production achievements, Arvand Petrochemicals has not overlooked its role in corporate social responsibility and community involvement. By planting over 37,000 seedlings of mangrove trees in the Majidieh region of Bandar Mahshahr and initiating several other environmental projects, including the construction of an exceptional school and projects like "Sustainability Village," the company has contributed significantly to employment generation and environmental conservation efforts.

With its multifaceted approach to production, social responsibility, and employee empowerment, Arvand Petrochemicals continues to play a vital role in Iran's petrochemical industry while setting benchmarks for corporate excellence and sustainable development.

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