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CEO Stresses Importance of Efficient Hydrogen Production, Utilization

CEO Stresses Importance of Efficient Hydrogen Production, Utilization
(Saturday, March 16, 2024) 17:38

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The Deputy Minister of Petroleum and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company underscored the vital importance of optimal hydrogen production and utilization in the value chain process, labeling it as one of the strategic products in the petrochemical industry.

Morteza Shahmirzaei, addressing the inaugural session of the Special Committee on New and Renewable Fuels in the Petrochemical Industry, extended Ramadan greetings and highlighted that over 90,000 tons of hydrogen were produced by petrochemical companies last year, with a portion being consumed in various processes and value chains.

"Given the abundant value of hydrogen and its production in the country, we must capitalize on all available capacities," Shahmirzaei affirmed.

He elaborated further, stating, "With the increase in production capacity in the petrochemical industry and the implementation of PDH and BDH projects, hydrogen production volumes in the country will rise."

The Deputy Minister of Petroleum stressed the necessity of supplying the required feedstock for petrochemical industries to ensure sustainable production of final products.

Referring to the propane, butane, and methanol production program aimed at completing the value chain, Shahmirzaei highlighted the optimization of available capacities in creating more added value as a strategic approach in the petrochemical industry.

Moreover, Shahmirzaei emphasized the importance of specialized meetings aimed at optimizing energy consumption in the value-creating petrochemical industry. He stated that such gatherings play a crucial role in aligning and coordinating efforts among various stakeholders for energy management.

"These specialized meetings are vital and essential," Shahmirzaei emphasized, highlighting the significance of the Special Committee on New and Renewable Fuels in the Petrochemical Industry as a milestone for petrochemical companies, focusing on future perspectives.

Shahmirzaei concluded by underlining efforts toward domestication of technical knowledge and required catalysts for the industry and endeavors to localize the goods and equipment used in the petrochemical industry, citing the construction of the GTPP project in Islam Abad Gharb as a testament to trust in the knowledge and expertise of Iran's petrochemical industry stakeholders.

The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company added, "With pride, self-confidence, and national determination, we are moving towards the strategic goal of completing the value chain."

The specialized session witnessed the participation of Mohammad Amir Khanlari, the advisor to the Minister of Petroleum, executives of the National Petrochemical Company, the director of the Energy Research Center at Shahid Beheshti University, executives of the Power Research Institute, and several energy executives from petrochemical complexes, each presenting reports on new and renewable energies in the petrochemical industry.

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