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Petchem Projects Urged to Mind CSR

Petchem Projects Urged to Mind CSR
(Saturday, March 9, 2024) 12:46

TEHRAN (NIPNA) - The Deputy Minister of Petroleum and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) stressed the importance of petrochemical projects paying attention to the surrounding communities and indigenous populations, highlighting the necessity for these projects to be more active in this regard.

In the first meeting of social responsibility secretaries in the petrochemical industry, held on Thursday, Morteza Shahmirzai, the Deputy Minister of Petroleum and CEO of the NPC, emphasized the vital role that these secretaries play in the development of peripheral regions in various industrial, cultural, and social dimensions.

"This gathering fosters convergence and collaboration among holdings and petrochemical companies," Shahmirzai stated, adding that Iran's petrochemical industry, as a dynamic and leading sector, must seriously consider social responsibilities in its development path.

The NPC CEO added, "Your activities will have lasting effects on the regions and their indigenous residents."

Shahmirzai continued by acknowledging the strong and secure governance in the country, stating, "Petrochemical projects must address the needs of their stakeholders and the local communities in urban, rural, and adjacent areas."

He stressed the necessity of focusing on local communities, saying, "Developments in areas such as Makran, Jask, Lavan, Parsian Energy, Deyr, Kangan, as well as Asaluyeh and Mahshahr, should not only be considered after the industrial unit is operational but should be taken into account from the outset in terms of social responsibilities."

"All petrochemical projects nationwide must actively engage in social responsibilities and contribute to the development of infrastructure, as well as the establishment of cultural, educational, and healthcare centers, considering the needs of their surrounding areas," he emphasized.

The NPC CEO stated, "Overall management of social responsibilities lies with the government, and value-creating petrochemical industry players act in coordination with the NPC."

He noted the lack of attention to cultural and religious aspects in social responsibilities in recent years, stating, "Attention should also be paid to cultural and religious issues in line with other activities to ensure that underprivileged areas experience balanced development."

"Petrochemical industry is the engine of the country's economy, and this dynamic industry has become a model for other industries in terms of social responsibilities," Shahmirzai concluded.

The first meeting of social responsibility secretaries in the petrochemical industry was held with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Petroleum and the CEO of the NPC, Babak Darabi, the manager of civil projects supervision in oil-rich regions of the National Iranian Oil Company, as well as consultants and secretaries of the petrochemical industry at the Shahid Avini Conference Hall of the NPC.

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