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Iran Launches Largest Carbon Dioxide Recycling Project

Iran Launches Largest Carbon Dioxide Recycling Project
(Tuesday, March 5, 2024) 10:42

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The largest carbon dioxide recycling project in the country has entered the operational phase at the Fanavaran Petrochemical Company, with an annual absorption capacity of 160,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

According to the Fanavaran Petrochemical Company, the carbon dioxide recycling project of this company, with a capacity of 160,000 tons of absorption and recycling of this gas, which was inaugurated earlier with the presence of the deputy of the provincial environmental organization of the country's Environmental Protection Organization and regional authorities, has entered the implementation phase.

At the end of the operational phase of this project and its utilization, the methanol production capacity at the Fanavaran Petrochemical Company is expected to increase by 70,000 tons.

The feedstock for this production increase will be provided from the collection of gases emitted from the reformer stack of the methanol unit of this complex, which, upon operation, will mark a significant and valuable step in fulfilling social responsibilities and strategies based on the principles of sustainable development and environmental protection.

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