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BPC Breaks Methanol Production Record

BPC Breaks Methanol Production Record
(Saturday, January 27, 2024) 11:47

TEHRAN (NIPNA) - The manager of Boushehr Petrochemical Company (BPC) said the complex had broken its methanol production record since its inception.

Mehrdad Dinian, the manager of Boushehr Petrochemical Complex, said the completion of the sour gas chain from sweetening to sulfur, ethane and methane separation, and consequently methanol production and maximum utility supply within the complex had resulted in 95 percent capacity methanol production this Iranian calendar year which began on March 21.

He cited the continuous training of operating personnel to better control and check the unit's control parameters with the aim of optimizing production and early detection of problems, accurate and continuous site inspection and reporting of equipment failures and leaks as soon as possible as factors that had a significant impact on increasing methanol production.

Dinian added: "Controlling equipment problems and operating methods in parts that had technical problems and could not be done easily and without taking them out of service was another issue that the operating unit was able to control the conditions and maintain production successfully by using technical techniques and continuous production stoppage."

Boushehr Petrochemical Company is one of the largest and most valuable chains of the petrochemical industry and also the only gas refinery in this industry.

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