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Iran Petchem Industry Focused on Self-Sufficiency Path

Iran Petchem Industry Focused on Self-Sufficiency Path
(Saturday, January 6, 2024) 09:53

AHVAZ (NIPNA) -- Deputy Petroleum Minister and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC), underscored the determination of Iran's petrochemical industry towards self-sufficiency.

During the inauguration of Dock No. 17, Phase 2 at the Asalouyeh Port and the first loading arm for Ammonia, Morteza Shahmirzai, in the course of his operational tour today in the Asalouyeh region, witnessed the completion of Dock No. 17, Phase 2, and the installation of the first domestically produced loading arm for Ammonia.

"In a proud announcement, I declare that today, by Iranian engineers and experts, the first loading arm for Ammonia, once monopolized by several Western countries, has been constructed, installed, and put into operation," highlighted Shahmirzai.

Affirming the petrochemical industry's steadfastness toward self-sufficiency, Shahmirzai emphasized the ascendancy of Iran's petrochemical sector in technical knowledge and equipment manufacturing.

He remarked, "Today marks the loading of the first shipment of exportable petrochemical Ammonia from Dock No. 17, a testament to Iran's standing on the peak of self-sufficiency."

Addressing the strategic plans of NPC to bolster the downstream industries and foster production units, Shahmirzai projected a surge of about 1.3 million tons in domestic product supply.

"With over 100 petrochemical projects currently under construction, each poised to enter the production cycle successively," Shahmirzai added.

The NPC CEO stressed the urgency to expedite the shutdown of flares and new flaring in the petrochemical industry.

He highlighted the efforts of the Petroleum Ministry to collect approximately 625 million cubic feet of flare gas in the Asalouyeh region by year-end and urged the maximization of existing capacities to achieve this objective.

During his one-day tour to the Asalouyeh region, Shahmirzai inspected the installation of process equipment and heat exchangers, all made in Iran, as part of the Dena and Coldbox petrochemical projects.

The developments signify Iran's unwavering commitment to self-reliance and technological advancement in its thriving petrochemical sector.

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