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NPC to Hold Debut Investment, Finance Forum

NPC to Hold Debut Investment, Finance Forum
(Monday, December 25, 2023) 14:49

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- National Petrochemical Company (NPC) is set to inaugurate its premier investment and finance conference aimed at exploring novel financial avenues and strategies within the petrochemical industry.

Reza Nikouei, the company's Investment Director, unveiled plans for this groundbreaking event in an exclusive interview with Nipna, stating that the conference, scheduled for Tuesday, will witness the convergence of senior officials from the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, banking system executives, the National Development Fund, stock market representatives, CEOs of holdings, projects, and petrochemical complexes.

"This investment and finance summit will delve into various dimensions, presenting solutions for financial procurement and mapping out future strategies. We'll emphasize the National Development Fund's innovative role in project participation and financing, bilateral contract roles in foreign currency financing, utilizing capital market potentials, modern financial tools for projects, and the role of profits from petrochemical sales in project financing," Nikouei outlined.

He stressed that insights from industry experts and stakeholders in financial procurement would pave the way for advancements in petrochemical projects, encouraging the banking system and capital markets to leverage their capabilities in this domain.

The debut investment and finance summit in Iran's petrochemical industry will mark the collaboration of Bank Melli Iran and the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Holding Company.

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