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NPC: Emphasis on Fulfilling Petchem Industry's Technological Needs Domestically

NPC: Emphasis on Fulfilling Petchem Industry's Technological Needs Domestically
(Monday, December 25, 2023) 14:47

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The Deputy Petroleum Minister and CEO of National Petrochemical Company (NPC) highlighted the imperative nature of sourcing technological requirements internally within the country's borders to minimize external dependencies.

Addressing a gathering of students and intellectuals at the University of Science and Industry, Morteza Shahmirzai expressed, "Meeting our technological needs through capable Iranian companies is crucial to liberate ourselves from foreign dependencies."

Shahmirzai further underlined, "The diversity in product production within an industry is a key indicator of capability. Today, the petrochemical industry, with a portfolio comprising 550 product grades, stands as one of the country's most robust sectors."

"The current annual production capacity of the petrochemical industry has surged from 57 to 95 million tons compared to previous years, with over 75 active petrochemical complexes," he added.

Reflecting on the industry's evolution, Shahmirzai remarked, "Before the Islamic Revolution, the industry was heavily reliant on foreign sources for goods, equipment, technical knowledge, and catalysts. However, today, more than 85% of the petrochemical industry's requirements in these sectors are met by Iranian companies and manufacturers."

The NPC CEO highlighted a pivotal shift, stating, "Unlike the past, all design, implementation, pre-commissioning, operation, exploitation, and maintenance are now handled by capable Iranian forces."

He concluded by affirming, "By the end of the current government's tenure, all catalysts utilized in the oil and other industries will be indigenized through collaborative efforts between the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company and indigenous research and knowledge-based companies."

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