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Jam Petchem Plant Resumes Operations after Successful Overhaul

Jam Petchem Plant Resumes Operations after Successful Overhaul
(Tuesday, December 12, 2023) 13:27

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- In a monumental achievement, the Jam Petrochemical Company has announced the successful completion of its third and largest major overhaul in its history, resulting in the seamless operation of its units, aiming to enhance production capacity, reliability, and eliminate bottlenecks.

Abdolrahim Ghanbarian, the CEO of Jam Petrochemical Company, expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of the board of directors and the relentless efforts of the dedicated staff during the major overhaul of 1402.

"Following nearly a month of round-the-clock work by committed and specialized staff, we have successfully achieved all predefined objectives of the planned overhaul. The operational units of Jam Petrochemical Company are now in production mode, and the redesign has permanently resolved the flare stack problem during startup," Ghanbarian reported, as per NIPNA.

He added, "The results of this major overhaul have led to increased production, reduced capital loss, and amplified profits for all stakeholders, especially retirees."

Highlighting the safety and efficiency in executing the project, Ghanbarian continued, "One key aspect of the 1402 major overhaul is that such operations usually take over 60 days in regular circumstances, but with the preparations made, excellent management, and the efforts of approximately 5,000 operational, supervisory, support, and coordination staff, this operation concluded within about 40 days with minimal deviations."

Ghanbarian emphasized, "The primary activity undertaken involved the replacement of the upper portion and the hot core of the cold box, as well as addressing issues with seawater exchangers. A significant number of equipment and lines, totaling 1205 inspection points, underwent replacement or repair based on risk-based inspection standards and ensuring functionality."

Speaking about the positive outcomes, he noted, "Previously, due to inefficiency and internal leaks in the cold box, a significant amount of valuable ethylene and propylene products were lost. By trusting an Iranian manufacturer and employing domestic engineering, the first Iranian cold box, with most of its components also being Iranian-made, was designed and manufactured through collaboration and supervision by the specialists and engineers of the complex."

Furthermore, Ghanbarian stated, "The previous leaks in the cold box streams have now been rectified, and its performance is notably efficient. With the installation of the new cold box, prevention of substantial product loss has been ensured, leading to a significant increase in the profit margin."

He detailed, "With the relentless efforts of native specialists, units such as Olefin, HD, PE, BD, and B1 are now in operation. Bringing the production units of Jam Petrochemical Company back into service after major overhauls is a testament to the responsible endeavors of each hardworking individual who, in the most challenging phase of major overhauls, always believed in the phrase 'We can.'"

Ghanbarian concluded by acknowledging the guidance of the company's management, deputy directors, and all other colleagues, attributing the success to the synergy and guidance provided, transforming the workforce into an invaluable asset for the complex.

The Jam Petrochemical Company concluded its largest-ever major overhaul last month successfully, with its operational units returning to production ahead of schedule, currently operating at maximum capacity.

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