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Deputy Oil Minister Highlights Petchem Future in Hands of Students

Deputy Oil Minister Highlights Petchem Future in Hands of Students
(Saturday, December 9, 2023) 11:04

AHVAZ (NIPNA) - Morteza Shahmirzai, the Deputy Minister of Petroleum and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company, commemorated Student Day by addressing students at Ahvaz University of Petroleum, emphasizing the pivotal role of today's students in shaping Iran's petrochemical industry's future.

During his presence at the university on Wednesday evening, Shahmirzai extended congratulations on Student Day and delved into the achievements and advancements witnessed in the petrochemical industry after the Islamic Revolution, praising the students for their integral role in this progress.

"The primary strategy and objective of the National Petrochemical Company in the thirteenth government involve complete localization of catalysts by the end of this tenure, aiming to fulfill domestic needs and expeditiously completing the value chain," stated Shahmirzai.

Touching upon the pre-revolution era's oil industry management conditions and its complete reliance on foreign sources, Shahmirzai highlighted the industry's previous colonial influences and the heavy legal ramifications for students.

"Today, thanks to divine support and the Islamic Revolution, this industry is managed relying on internal capacities. The future of the oil industry lies in the hands of you, the talented youth of this land, making you the primary owners of this industry," Shahmirzai affirmed, addressing the students.

Shahmirzai further engaged in an intimate exchange with students, actively answering their queries and concerns during the gathering, demonstrating his commitment to addressing and acknowledging their aspirations and questions.

The event marked a significant acknowledgement of the critical role of students in the evolution of Iran's petrochemical landscape, signaling a collaborative pathway towards a domestically empowered industry.

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