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Iran President Stresses Unity in Petchem Industry

Iran President Stresses Unity in Petchem Industry
(Tuesday, November 21, 2023) 15:30

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi has emphasized the imperative need for unification within the petrochemical sector, aligning its strategies with the overarching policies of the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum.

Speaking on Monday, during an oversight visit to the Ministry of Petroleum, Raisi outlined directives and crucial policies aimed at enhancing both the quantitative and qualitative performance of this vital sector.

Raisi identified investment as a pivotal driver of economic growth and highlighted the oil and gas industry as a prime sector for investment, urging officials within the Ministry of Petroleum to intensify efforts in attracting both domestic and foreign capital to escalate production and boost revenue.

Underscoring the significance of increased oil production and exports despite sanctions and threats, Raisi applauded these accomplishments as golden achievements within the two-year roadmap of the government. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of refining crude oil to bolster production, employment, and efficiency.

The President pinpointed several crucial points, urging against delays in developmental initiatives and advocating for expedited completion of gas collection projects. He emphasized the necessity of harnessing the potential of knowledge-based companies, particularly in gas and oil management, while prioritizing curbing fuel smuggling.

Addressing the issue of fuel smuggling, Raisi labeled it a serious national problem and emphasized collaborative efforts among responsible bodies, including the Ministry of Petroleum, to formalize fuel purchases from neighboring countries through official channels, preventing extensive damages caused by smuggling and directing resulting revenues toward regional welfare.

Furthermore, Raisi stressed the Ministry of Petroleum’s responsibility in social initiatives, urging a focus on resource allocation for developing regions near production centers and ensuring fair treatment in resource acquisition for individuals and organizations.

Emphasizing the need for unity across all levels of the petrochemical sector, Raisi highlighted the importance of addressing imbalances, particularly in gasoline and gas sectors, transforming these commodities into assets, and intelligently engaging private investors while operationalizing public participation within the Ministry of Petroleum.

Raisi concluded by underlining the crucial role of citizen engagement and investment in joint oil and gas fields as secure and promising avenues for directing public funds toward production, reaffirming the government's unwavering commitment to harnessing these resources for the nation's benefit. He also urged a stringent review of the Petroleum Ministry's relationship with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), advocating immediate revisions in laws and regulations within the sector while upholding legal oversight.

The President directed authorities to collaborate with the National Development Fund to resolve issues within the Petroleum Ministry while commending the continuous efforts of the ministry's officials toward elevating its position to one befitting its significance.

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