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NPC Role in "Narrative of Progress" Exhibition

NPC Role in "Narrative of Progress" Exhibition
(Monday, November 20, 2023) 16:16

TEHRAN (NIPNA) - The National Petrochemical Company (NPC) made a vibrant and impactful presence at the "Narrative of Progress and Two-Year Services of the People's Government" exhibition, narrating a story of sustainable development and balanced growth within the unparalleled industry of petrochemicals.

The Narrative of Progress exhibition, held from the 23rd to the 27th of Aban at the Sacred Defense Museum Garden in Qom, provided an arena for the NPC to showcase its pivotal role within the Ministry of Petroleum's pavilion. The company aimed to present its latest achievements and initiatives in various domains, including augmented production capacities, introduction of developmental projects, and the unveiling of innovative technologies and indigenous catalysis in the petrochemical industry.

Aligned with the directives of the Supreme Leader and the pivotal phrase "Domestic Production is a Sacred Matter," a framework and strategy for the "Sustainable Development" of the petrochemical industry have been meticulously devised. The core of this framework lies in advancing technologies, enhancing technical knowledge, and manufacturing the most intricate equipment and necessary commodities for the petrochemical industry, relying significantly on domestic expertise and workforce. This framework stands as one of the most important, if not the primary, paradigms for the development and advancement of this industry in the next five years.

This unique model designs a cohesive approach to petrochemical industry development with a specialized focus on value addition, enabling the creation of a diverse array of growth opportunities within the oil sector and notably within the petrochemical industry through balanced development and completion of product chains.

On the other hand, to prevent crude sales and to support the increase of gross domestic production and employment, the pivotal strategy of the National Petrochemical Industries Company is the creation of value addition and completion of value chains for its products.

The actions taken by the National Petrochemical Industries Company in this regard allow service providers in the bastions of "Resistant Economy" and the "Inward-Looking" policy to redefine their roles. These actions, apart from generating employment, underscore the emphasis on Iranian goods' production and bolstering domestic manufacturing within this sector.

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