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Petchem Achievements: Ilam 85% Production Milestone

Petchem Achievements: Ilam 85% Production Milestone
(Wednesday, November 15, 2023) 11:39

ILAM (NIPNA) - The CEO of Ilam Petrochemical Company announced that the complex has successfully achieved over 85% of its production targets in the first six months of the Iranian calendar year 1402.

Referring to the significant investment of $1.6 billion in the complex, Seyyed Gholamhassan Gharshasbi, the CEO of Ilam Petrochemical Company, stated, "This petrochemical complex embodies both significant opportunities and challenges, with feedstock shortages and accumulated losses being the most critical hurdles ahead for Ilam Petrochemicals."

Highlighting the exceptional inauguration of the country's most advanced desalination unit at Ilam Petrochemicals, Gharshasbi emphasized, "During the first six months of the year 1402, Ilam Petrochemical Plant has exceeded 85% of its production targets."

Discussing the surge in ethylene production compared to the previous year, Gharshasbi mentioned, "692 tons of ethylene have been produced in the first six months of the current year."

Furthermore, the CEO of Ilam Petrochemicals announced, "The launch of Loading and Unloading Station C5 is scheduled within the next month."

Gharshasbi highlighted the employment provided by the complex, stating, "More than 2,000 individuals are employed in this complex, with around 90% of the workforce being natives of Ilam Province. We strive not only to generate employment but also to fulfill most of the complex's needs from the region. Additionally, by generating a monthly turnover of several billion tomans, we aim to contribute to the economic development of the area and indirectly create more job opportunities."

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