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Iran Expands Petchem Projects: Over 100 Underway, Says Deputy Oil Minister

Iran Expands Petchem Projects: Over 100 Underway, Says Deputy Oil Minister
(Wednesday, October 25, 2023) 02:06

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iran is making substantial strides in its petrochemical sector with over 100 projects currently in progress across the country, according to the Deputy Oil Minister and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company.

Speaking during the inaugural session of the "Narrators of Oil Industry Advancement" program, Morteza Shahmirzaei emphasized the importance of these petrochemical endeavors as a means to leverage the nation's progress for its youth.

Shahmirzaei recalled the establishment of Iran's first petrochemical plant in Shiraz in 1963, post-revolutionary Iran has witnessed remarkable growth in this sector, boosting production capacity by a staggering 60-fold.

"We must open the doors not only of the oil industry but of all industries to our youth, allowing them to appreciate the accomplishments and advancements of our nation," Shahmirzaei stated.

Highlighting the remarkable progress in Iran's oil, gas, refining, and petrochemical industries since the Islamic Revolution, Shahmirzaei challenged those who argue that sanctions have crippled the country.

He questioned how the Islamic Republic has managed such significant achievements across diverse industries, especially petrochemicals, if sanctions were indeed as paralyzing as claimed.

Shahmirzaei pointed out that Iran has maintained an open policy to involve Iranian specialists and youth in the oil industry, a concept that was unimaginable before the Revolution. The ability to undertake offshore drilling and the design and construction of petrochemical complexes are now proudly achievements of Iran's own experts.

The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company stressed that all sectors of the oil industry, from fuel depots to refining complexes, petrochemical plants, and offshore oil and gas platforms in the Persian Gulf, are prepared to foster knowledge and progress across the entire oil industry and pass it on to the nation's youth.

These developments underline Iran's determination to grow and innovate within the petrochemical sector and demonstrate that sanctions have not stifled the nation's progress in critical industries. The nation is resolute in sharing its achievements with the next generation, believing in their potential to carry forward the legacy of Iran's flourishing petrochemical industry.

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