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CEO Emphasizes Balanced Development in Kurdistan Province

CEO Emphasizes Balanced Development in Kurdistan Province
(Wednesday, October 25, 2023) 02:04

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The Deputy Oil Minister and CEO of Iran's National Petrochemical Company (NPC) highlighted the importance of balanced development and completing the value chain in the petrochemical industry in Kurdistan province.

During a meeting with Ismaeil Zarei Kousha, the Governor of Kurdistan, and Alireza Zandian, the representative of Bijar in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Morteza Shahmirzaei stated that Kurdistan province possesses significant potential for the development of the petrochemical industry, and NPC is ready for collaboration and cooperation with investors in the region.

Shahmirzaei also emphasized that NPC, as a policy maker and having a regulatory role, aims to promote balanced development in the petrochemical industry across the nation. Considering the existing infrastructure, access to feedstock, and proximity to the ethylene pipeline in Kurdistan, there should be plans for the development of downstream and value-added industries as well as employment generation. The private sector can benefit from government support by investing in the province.

The NPC CEO pointed out that creating employment opportunities in Kurdistan and neighboring provinces will lead to economic and industrial development for the local population. Leveraging the capabilities and expertise of capable Iranian companies and manufacturers will accelerate the implementation of development projects.

Kurdistan's Vast Potential for Development

Governor Ismaeil Zarei Kousha also announced the operation of the Tehran-Hamedan-Sanandaj railway line during the meeting, stating that this railway line can facilitate the transportation of petrochemical products manufactured in Kurdistan and other future complexes in the province. Additionally, the Zanjan-Bijar railway line can streamline the transportation of petrochemical products within the province.

He added that both domestic and foreign investors are keen on investing in industries in Kurdistan, particularly the petrochemical sector. Projects that demonstrate economic feasibility will be put into action.

Parliament's Support for Petrochemical Industry Development in Kurdistan

Alireza Zandian, the representative of the people of Bijar in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, referred to the petrochemical industry as a strategic one and stressed that the development of downstream petrochemical industries and the activation of production units in Kurdistan can bring about significant transformations in the province.

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