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2nd Petchem Complex in Lamerd SEZ Gets Green Light

2nd Petchem Complex in Lamerd SEZ Gets Green Light
(Sunday, October 15, 2023) 23:23

LAMERD (NIPNA) -- The CEO of the Lamerd Special Economic Zone announced the approval of the operational phase of the second petrochemical complex in the region.

The petrochemical complex covers an area of over 400 hectares and is designed to have the capacity to produce 5 million tons of various petrochemical products.

During the approval ceremony for the second petrochemical complex in the Lamerd Special Economic Zone, Kourosh Fattahi, CEO of the special economic zone, emphasized that this petrochemical complex's lower and intermediate tier, with an area of over 400 hectares, is capable of accommodating industries for the production of 5 million tons of various petrochemical products.

He further highlighted that the region is now in line with the motivations of the thirteenth government, focusing on "removing production barriers and achieving a production leap" in the Lamerd Special Economic Zone. To support this, 14 infrastructure projects in the areas of gas supply, gas stations, power distribution networks, water supply lines, protective dikes, surface water management channels, construction of buildings, customs facilities, and warehouses have been initiated with a budget of over 20 trillion rials.

Fattahi added that the implementation of a water transfer line from the Persian Gulf to the Lamerd Special Economic Zone, guaranteeing exclusive water supply, and creating a coherent plan to provide other infrastructure for operating industries (which is under the responsibility of the officials in the IMIDRO organization and regional engineers) are being carried out.

This, along with the attractive advantages of being close to feedstock and gas fields, the possibility of exporting products to neighboring countries, and the provision of incentives and legal exemptions, will instill confidence in petrochemical investors.

These measures, along with the full support of the Ministry of Petroleum, the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade (MIMT), and especially the support of the IMIDRO organization, aim to move the second petrochemical complex in the Lamerd Special Economic Zone to the implementation stage.

The CEO of the Lamerd Special Economic Zone expressed hope that, with comprehensive support from the Ministry of Petroleum and relevant authorities in supplying feedstock for the petrochemical industries in this region, as well as the presence of senior figures in the oil industry to start this national and strategic project, the petrochemical project in the Lamerd Special Economic Zone will witness significant progress.

Fattahi concluded that responsible authorities are committed to ensuring all infrastructure for construction and eliminating obstacles to launching major industries. The large aluminum industry group in this region is a model for this endeavor. It is planned that this petrochemical project, covering an area of 100,000 square meters, will be constructed in three stages according to the scheduled plan, within three to four years, and it is expected to provide direct employment for 350 individuals and indirect employment for 2,500 individuals during the operation phase.

Fattahi also mentioned that the select group of products of Siglo Petrochemical Company is part of this investment project, which includes the annual production of 46,000 tons of methylamines in three types: "mono-methylamine (MMA), dimethylamine (DMA), and trimethylamine (TMA)," as well as 24,000 tons of "dimethylformamide" and "higher amines."

He emphasized the importance of producing this group of petrochemical products, as they are highly strategic, profitable, and generate significant added value. Methylamines and the other two products from this petrochemical project have numerous applications in various industries, including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, printing, adhesives, and agriculture. Fortunately, with the investor's expertise and full command of marketing these products, it is expected to start generating profits in the shortest time possible.

The second petrochemical complex in the Lamerd Special Economic Zone, bearing the "Siglo" brand and an investment of 16 trillion Iranian rials (equivalent to 277 million euros), has officially started its operations. Currently, with the purchase and supply of some equipment worth nearly 54 million euros, 28% progress will be achieved. This indicates the investor's dedication and seriousness during the initial implementation phase.

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