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AryaSasol to Commence Operations at New Heavy Polyethylene Production Unit Soon

AryaSasol to Commence Operations at New Heavy Polyethylene Production Unit Soon
(Wednesday, October 11, 2023) 13:54

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Arya Sasol Polymer Company's complex manager announced the forthcoming commencement of operations at a new heavy polyethylene production unit with a capacity of 300,000 tons in the near future.

Saeed Esmaeili, in a meeting on the "Development, Production, and Export of Polymer Products" at Amirkabir University, expressed that polymers are one of the most widely used chemical products in various sectors including medical, aerospace, packaging, automotive, construction, and electronics, contributing to the thriving global polymer market.

Esmaeili mentioned that the nominal capacity for polymer products in Iran is currently 8.8 million tons per year. He emphasized that this capacity is achieved while the global polymer production capacity exceeds 490 million tons, with the Middle East contributing 42 million tons. He pointed out that Iran holds a 1.8% share of the global polymer production capacity and a 21% share of the Middle East's capacity.

Esmaeili stated that the actual global polymer product production is over 390 million tons, and in the Middle East, it is around 36 million tons. Iran, with a practical production of 8.1 million tons out of the nominal capacity of 8.8 million tons, accounts for 2% of the global and 23% of the Middle East polymer product production.

"The planning of the country's petrochemical industry is based on developing the position of polymers in Iran's petrochemical industry," he continued. Currently, Iran has 30 operational polymer production complexes, and 31 polymer projects are under construction, including AryaSasol's new 300,000-ton plant.

Esmaeili stated that Iran aims to increase its polymer product production capacity to 19.8 million tons by 2027. AryaSasol's complex manager noted that the global polymer market was valued at nearly $250 billion by 2020, and it is projected to reach $750 billion by 2025, indicating an average annual growth of 5.1% between 2020 and 2025. AryaSasol, with an annual nominal capacity of 750,000 tons for both light and heavy polyethylene, is one of the largest polymer product complexes in Iran and the Middle East.

In terms of production, AryaSasol has succeeded in producing 568,150 tons of ethylene and 5,643 tons of C3+ during the first six months. The production of heavy polyethylene reached over 202,137 tons, while light polyethylene production reached 187,440 tons.

AryaSasol achieved significant sales, recording 613,000 tons, a 5% growth in comparison to the previous year. The company's monthly sales record was an impressive 107,000 tons, demonstrating a 9% increase over the same month in the previous year and an 11% increase over the last month.

Esmaeili stated that the company's September sales amounted to a record-breaking 28 trillion rials, showing a 24% and 23% growth compared to the same month in the previous year and the previous month, respectively.

The total cumulative sales in the first half of the year reached 165 trillion rials, indicating an 11% increase compared to the same period in the previous year. This is the highest sales value recorded during the company's operation.

Esmaeili highlighted that this record achievement has occurred despite external challenges such as water shortages and unjust sanctions. The company has procured more than 1,000 necessary components from local manufacturers, surpassing foreign alternatives in performance.

AryaSasol has also started production of a new grade, LEC1969, and automobile grade. Esmaeili noted that this automobile grade has been tested successfully in a foreign country, and the company has obtained relevant certificates. Currently, this grade is undergoing testing in domestic automakers' vehicles.

During the event, Rouhollah Poorkavian, the Commercial Manager of AryaSasol, emphasized the importance of the domestic needs addressed by the petrochemical industry. He stated that Iran's petrochemical industry, which previously took pride in high crude oil sales, now takes pride in producing high-value-added products. The industry is moving towards reducing crude oil sales, focusing on higher production and export of value-added products, aligning with the Supreme Leader's guidance.

Poorkavian expressed that AryaSasol's polymers contribute to reducing crude oil sales and creating economic value for the country, supporting Iran in the face of intensified sanctions.

Moreover, AryaSasol is exporting high-quality Iranian products to global markets, thereby generating a positive impact on the Iranian economy.

Poorkavian emphasized that AryaSasol's actual production exceeds the nominal capacity, and 35% to 40% of its polymer products are sold in the domestic market, while about 65% are exported to international markets.

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