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CEO: Import of Petchem Catalysts to be Reviewed

CEO: Import of Petchem Catalysts to be Reviewed
(Wednesday, September 20, 2023) 11:49

TEHRAN (NIPNA) - The CEO of Iran's National Petrochemical Company announced that the issue of importing petrochemical catalysts will be under scrutiny during the Thirteenth Government's tenure.

Morteza Shahmirzaei, during an interview on the television program "Tehran 20," discussed Iran's role as a global exporter of catalysts and highlighted the forthcoming review of the import of petrochemical catalysts during the Thirteenth Government's term. He emphasized that the Thirteenth Government has undertaken comprehensive assessments of the petrochemical industry's plans in various sectors, in line with the government's policies, to expedite progress toward completing the value chain.

Shahmirzaei noted that during the Thirteenth Government's tenure, the petrochemical industry in Iran has focused on the directives of the Supreme Leader to avoid raw material exports and generate high added value by producing final products.

The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company continued by explaining that as a result of these assessments, 21 investment packages have been identified in the value chain, and they have been introduced to potential investors. Petrochemical holdings have been given priority based on the available feedstock for planned projects.

Shahmirzaei identified one of the major challenges in the field of value chain product production as technical knowledge and stated that the National Petrochemical Company has implemented an intensive program to localize technologies and industrial catalysts through the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company.

He also mentioned the update of the comprehensive catalyst document and added that Iran has joined the ranks of catalyst exporters, with several countries purchasing Iranian catalysts.

The Deputy Minister of Oil stressed that the Thirteenth Government's oil industry policy is to trust domestic producers and knowledge-based companies. In this regard, a self-sufficiency center for the petrochemical industry has been established within the National Petrochemical Company to monitor and support domestic producers.

Shahmirzaei also addressed the issue of revenue generation in the petrochemical industry, stating that in the past year, the petrochemical sector had more than $16 billion in exports, with approximately $14.5 billion provided through the NIMA system as petrochemical industry currency for supply and demand market equilibrium.

He continued, highlighting the tremendous growth in Iran's petrochemical industry since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution. Initially, only a handful of products were produced in six production complexes, but today, the installed capacity of the petrochemical industry in Iran has exceeded 92 million tons.

The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company concluded by emphasizing that Iran's achievements in the petrochemical industry are astonishing, especially considering the sanctions imposed on the country. He described the seventeenth Iran Plast International Exhibition as a significant event for showcasing Iran's petrochemical industry capabilities.

He also highlighted the entire international Tehran exhibition space being allocated to the 17th Iran Plast Exhibition and noted that this year's exhibition featured the participation of 210 foreign companies, marking a twenty-fold increase compared to the previous year.

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