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Iran Petchems Market Attractive to Indian Buyers

Iran Petchems Market Attractive to Indian Buyers
(Tuesday, September 19, 2023) 11:22

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- A representative from an Indian company active in the petrochemical sector has expressed keen interest in Iran's market for petrochemical and polymer products. He emphasized that India views Iran as a vital player in the oil and petrochemical industry in Asia.

Speaking during the second day of the 17th IranPlast International Exhibition, the Indian representative praised the event's increased activity this year compared to previous editions and said, "In the coming days of this exhibition, we look forward to engaging with potential customers."

He further detailed his company's primary focus, stating, "Our company predominantly specializes in manufacturing machinery for the production of rubber and plastic."

Regarding their current presence at the exhibition, the Indian representative explained, "We are actively observing and evaluating various individuals and companies to establish a strong foundation for future collaborations."

Highlighting Iran's significance in the regional petrochemical industry, he added, "The market for petrochemical and polymer products in Iran is attractive, and we consider this country one of the key pillars of the Asian oil and petrochemical sector."

The 17th IranPlast International Exhibition, which commenced on September 17th and runs until September 20th at Tehran's permanent international exhibition grounds, is focused on enhancing the value chain, supporting domestic production, and promoting local manufacturing. The exhibition serves as a vital platform for fostering international partnerships and expanding Iran's presence in the global petrochemical market.

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