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Opportunities for Increasing Petrochemical Exports Abound at Iran Plast Exhibition

Opportunities for Increasing Petrochemical Exports Abound at Iran Plast Exhibition
(Monday, September 18, 2023) 09:21

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The director of the 17th International Iran Plast Exhibition hailed the active participation of numerous domestic and foreign companies in this edition of the exhibition as a significant step towards the growth of the petrochemical industry and the expansion of product exports. He emphasized that this environment allows both parties to become acquainted with each other's achievements, potentially leading to the signing of positive trade agreements.

In an exclusive interview with Nipna, Farid Dousti stated, "A total of 560 domestic companies are actively participating in the 17th International Iran Plast Exhibition. With the support of the CEO of the National Petrochemical Company and sincere efforts, we have facilitated the presence and activities of foreign companies in the country. Approximately 210 foreign companies are participating in this year's exhibition, which we consider a bright horizon for Iran's petrochemical industry."

He went on to mention that over the past five years, the level of foreign interest in this exhibition has not matched that of the 17th edition. However, with the wisdom of the 13th government and the cooperation of managers and officials on one hand, and the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the other hand, they have strived to make the path smoother for better participation, all while bypassing sanctions. In the past edition, only eight foreign companies actively participated. Notably, some influential countries in the petrochemical sector, such as China and other influential countries like Russia, Brazil, and Paraguay, are among the participants.

The Head of Public Relations at the National Petrochemical Company elaborated on the distinguishing features of this edition of Iran Plast compared to previous editions. He stressed that, despite the high interest, a lack of space prevented more domestic companies from participating. To address this issue, a virtual exhibition has been launched, allowing other companies to showcase their activities free of charge for one year.

Dusty highlighted the impact of the Iran Plast Exhibition on export trends and growth, stating, "We have allocated a specific area for this purpose, where 210 foreign companies and 570 domestic companies can effectively communicate and become informed about each other's production and assets, potentially leading to the signing of memoranda of understanding."

Regarding the commitment of the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company, under the auspices of the National Petrochemical Company, to domesticating catalysts during the 13th government, Dusty emphasized that this self-sufficiency, in addition to contributing positively, can generate desirable added value and create wealth. In this regard, knowledge-based companies have also been actively involved, and they have been allocated two halls at this exhibition.

The director of the 17th Iran Plast Exhibition concluded, "We have also designed another section called 'Plast Jobs,' through which all those who have graduated in the fields of oil and petrochemicals and have not yet entered the job market will be identified and introduced to the industry. This initiative aligns with the principles and concerns of the esteemed Leadership regarding the relationship between universities and industry." Currently, around 400 individuals have registered, and it is necessary to provide more space, with the final selection being made based on predefined criteria.

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