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Sabalan Petchem Plant Achieves 100% Nominal Production Capacity

Sabalan Petchem Plant Achieves 100% Nominal Production Capacity
(Thursday, August 31, 2023) 00:50

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of Sabalan Petrochemical Plant announced the continuous increase in production, reaching 100% of the nominal capacity.

According to Sabalan Petrochemical Company, Reza Karimi, the CEO of Sabalan Petrochemical Plant, stated: "Fortunately, with the pursued efforts, the supply issue of the required oxygen feedstock from Damavand Petrochemical Plant has been resolved. The second ASU unit of Damavand, with a production capacity of 62,000 normal cubic meters of high-pressure oxygen (Hp), which was operationalized through a joint investment between Sabalan Petrochemical Plant and Damavand Energy Company, has now commenced production. Due to these developments, in the past few days, the company's production has reached 100% of its capacity, materializing the motto of 'Inflation Control and Production Growth.'"

Karimi added: "With this progress, Sabalan Petrochemical has reached a daily production of 5,000 tons of methanol. This increase in production implies higher sales and foreign currency generation, playing a crucial role in combating inflation. Furthermore, based on the agreements made and the oxygen supply in Phase 2 of Asaluyeh by Damavand Energy, this sustainable production capacity will continue, eliminating the oxygen feedstock issue. This sustainable production signifies the creation of wealth for our country and esteemed shareholders."

Sabalan's CEO highlighted the efforts and diligence of the head of Petro Farhang Holding in procuring the necessary oxygen. He emphasized, "Sabalan Petrochemical, with a team of dedicated and skilled youth, defines its role in the petrochemical industry of our country as one of its core objectives. We are working day and night to achieve this goal, and reaching the maximum and sustainable production capacity is one of the conditions for achieving this objective, which has now been realized."

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