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Iran Offers 30% Feedstock Discount to Methanol Producers upon Completing Value Chain

Iran Offers 30% Feedstock Discount to Methanol Producers upon Completing Value Chain
(Tuesday, August 15, 2023) 21:08

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iranian Deputy Minister of Petroleum and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company announced a 30% reduction in feedstock for methanol producers who complete their value chain.

Morteza Shahmirzai, while visiting the Arta Energy Petrochemical Project as one of the initiatives aiming to complete the value chain, stated, "Companies and investors can take advantage of a 30% feedstock discount by developing their value chain."

Shahmirzai emphasized that the National Petrochemical Company fully supports investors and companies in line with the overarching strategy of completing the value chain.

He noted, "One of the capacities foreseen by the government in the seventh five-year development plan for the petrochemical industry is the incremental feedstock discount."

The Deputy Minister of Petroleum explained that methanol production units, upon completing the value chain, will receive up to 30% feedstock discount unconditionally.

He further elaborated, "Investors in petrochemical projects can also benefit from a 20% to 30% feedstock discount based on their level of investment in value chain completion."

Shahmirzai added, "Developing downstream industries, increasing value-added, creating employment opportunities, diversifying the export product basket, and enhancing the economic and social welfare of the community are among the most significant features of the country's petrochemical value chain completion strategy."

Arta Energy Project on the Brink of Operation

The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company referred to the Arta Energy Project as a successful initiative in completing the value chain.

He stated, "This petrochemical project, primarily producing methanol, is one of the projects that qualify for stepwise feedstock discount by fully completing the chain until the production of the final product, MDF."

He underscored, "This petrochemical project located in Namin County (Ardabil Province), with a 131 million Euro investment, is set to begin operations shortly."

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