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Gachsaram Petchem Plant, Valuable Symbol of Iranian Producers' Capabilities

Gachsaram Petchem Plant, Valuable Symbol of Iranian Producers' Capabilities
(Monday, July 24, 2023) 09:54

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The Deputy Minister of Petroleum and the CEO of the National Petrochemical Company expressed his appreciation for the remarkable accomplishment of the grand Gachsaran Petrochemical project, considering the swift completion of the petrochemical industry's value chain a strategic policy of the 13th Government. He emphasized that the industry's exports and hard currency earnings would increase significantly with the implementation of new projects.

Morteza Shahmirzai, in a televised interview, highlighted the fact that the implementation of the Gachsaran petrochemical complex had been on the agenda of the petrochemical industry for nearly two decades.

He stated, "The operational phase of the Gachsaran petrochemical project began around two decades ago in the vicinity of Gachsaran city, and over the years, it has experienced many ups and downs until recent years, when its implementation speed intensified."

Discussing the reasons behind the initial slow pace of Gachsaran petrochemical project, Shahmirzai mentioned various factors, including the issue of feedstock supply.

He explained, "The feedstock for this complex is provided by the Bidboland gas refinery in the Persian Gulf region, which is based on collecting flare gases and processing and producing valuable products such as ethane, which are needed for Petrochemical Gachsaran."

The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company continued, "Annually, 1.25 million tons of ethane gas produced by the Bidboland gas refinery is delivered to Gachsaran Petrochemical Plant. Furthermore, the ethylene and C3+ products are then produced in the value chain for use in downstream units."

Shahmirzai pointed out that Gachsaran Petrochemical stands as the most domestically produced ethylene in the country, with many of its facilities being built for the first time within the nation. In total, over 83 percent of the equipment, goods, and parts used in this complex are domestically manufactured.

Furthermore, he highlighted that the construction of the Gachsaran petrochemical project has created significant employment opportunities, providing direct employment for more than 3,000 people during the construction period and 1,000 people during the operational phase.

Regarding the strategy of the 13th Government, the Deputy Minister of Petroleum stated that the rapid completion of the petrochemical industry's value chain, utilizing the capacity of domestic universities and knowledge-based companies, to prevent raw material sales and create added value and higher employment opportunities, is the new approach taken.

Addressing the production of ethylene in Gachsaran Petrochemical, Shahmirzai noted, "Ethylene is an intermediate product in the petrochemical industry, used in polymer industries, synthetic fibers, solvents, softeners, antifreeze, and alcohols. Currently, we also have the world's longest ethylene pipeline, spanning 2,800 kilometers, within the country."

He referred to the calendar year of 1402 as a blessed and prosperous year for the petrochemical industry, coinciding with this year's theme of "Inflation Control and Production Growth," and added, "In addition to the five petrochemical projects announced by the Minister of Petroleum that will become operational by the end of this year, fortunately, on average, one petrochemical project will be launched each month this year."

The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company stated that with the implementation of new petrochemical projects, market stability would be enhanced, and with increased exports of petrochemical products, the country's foreign exchange earnings would soar.

Shahmirzai concluded by expressing gratitude and appreciation to all his colleagues in the petrochemical industry and acknowledging the dedicated efforts of all those involved in completing the monumental Gachsaran Petrochemical project.

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