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Deputy Oil Minister Obliges Petchem Firms to Market Products

Deputy Oil Minister Obliges Petchem Firms to Market Products
(Monday, July 3, 2023) 23:42

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The Deputy Minister of Petroleum and the CEO of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) emphasized that marketing petrochemical products is one of the most important goals of participating in specialized events and international exhibitions.

Morteza Shahmirzaei stated that petrochemical companies must actively pursue a strong presence in compatible and neighboring countries.

Speaking on Wednesday, during the thirty-second meeting of petrochemical CEOs, he stated: "This summit provided an opportunity for participants to present their perspectives and opinions on various issues in the petrochemical industry, creating a platform for greater convergence and collaboration among petrochemical companies."

He continued, "The high motivation and spirit of petrochemical holding managers demonstrated that this economic event can be a catalyst for increased interaction and future collaborations in the petrochemical industry."

The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company stressed the need for petrochemical companies to have an active presence in international conferences and exhibitions, stating, "Our main goal is marketing, and in this regard, we should seriously focus on active participation in compatible, allied, and neighboring countries."

Shahmirzaei also referred to the desirable creation of value-added in the petrochemical industry, stating, "We must quickly move away from crude oil sales and strive towards completing the value chain with the aim of producing final products and creating greater value-added in the value-creating petrochemical industry."

He added that the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company plays a significant and influential role in meeting the needs of petrochemical companies.

He emphasized that this knowledge-based company has a special position in the country, collaborating not only with the petrochemical industry but also with the oil and gas industries by providing technical knowledge and catalysts to these production units.

The Deputy Minister of Petroleum stated, "The scientific and specialized capacities of this company are now being offered to all sectors of the oil industry, and it should be noted that it has achieved a very favorable performance in the field of catalyst exports."

He further mentioned that several countries are interested in purchasing Iranian catalysts produced by the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company.

Shahmirzaei emphasized the need to accelerate the localization of industrial needs with the help of petrochemical companies and capable Iranian manufacturers, stating, "We hope that within the next five years, we can become self-sufficient in technical knowledge, catalysts, pioneers, chemical products, and absorbents using innovative technologies, thus meeting the needs of the domestic industry."

He highlighted the important role of transferring successful experiences from industry pioneers and experts to the new generation actively working in the petrochemical industry, stating, "We must pass on successful experiences to the younger generation employed in various sectors, including the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company."

The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company, referring to the fact that collaboration between scientific and industrial centers leads to the creation of a specialized and efficient environment, continued, "Continuous communication with research centers, universities, and knowledge-based companies should be a priority for petrochemical companies."

Shahmirzaei requested the petrochemical holdings to support development projects by providing funding, and emphasized the importance of new investments, stating, "Completing the value chain should be a priority for holdings and petrochemical companies, with the aim of reducing crude oil sales and producing final products."

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