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Fajr Energy boosts power output by 20 megawatts with Mapna projects

Fajr Energy boosts power output by 20 megawatts with Mapna projects
(Thursday, June 1, 2023) 23:36

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iran’s Fajr Energy Gulf Company has increased its power generation capacity by 20 megawatts by implementing projects to enhance the performance of its turbines.


Fajr Energy, a subsidiary of Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company, operates a combined cycle power plant in Mahshahr, southwest Iran, that supplies electricity to petrochemical complexes in the region.

The company said it had received a proposal last year from Iran’s MAPNA Group, the manufacturer of the turbines, to implement three projects - IGV+, EMS and MAPTUNE - that would optimize the air intake valves, monitor the blade temperatures and adjust the power output of the turbines based on the calculations.

Fajr Energy said it had studied the proposal with its technical and operational units and signed a contract with MAPNA to carry out the projects on four turbines in its second power plant area.

The projects, which did not require any hardware changes, increased the maximum power output of each turbine by five megawatts, resulting in a total increase of 20 megawatts for the plant, Fajr Energy said.

The company said the projects would also enable better monitoring of the turbine conditions and improve its efficiency and profitability, especially in the hot and high-demand months of the year.

IGV stands for inlet guide vane, a device that regulates the air flow into the turbine. IGV+ is a project that calculates the optimal position of the valves. EMS stands for enhanced monitoring system, a project that provides intelligent monitoring of the turbine conditions. MAPTUNE is a project that estimates the blade temperatures and adjusts the power output accordingly.

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