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Pardis Petchem Plant Eyes $850m Export Earnings

Pardis Petchem Plant Eyes $850m Export Earnings
(Sunday, May 21, 2023) 16:27

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of Pardis Petrochemical Company, predicting a price of $480 per ton of urea by the end of the current Iranian calendar year which began on March 21, and $850 million export earnings, said: "Pardis Petrochemical Company, as the largest producer of urea in the country, produces 50 percent of the country's urea needs and 3 percent of the world's urea needs."

Seyed Mohammad Reza Miri Lavasani, in an interview with Nipna, said that Pardis Petrochemical Company produces about 3.2 million tons of urea annually, and said: "Thanks to the efforts of the previous CEOs of this company, Mr. Shahriari, Zolfaqari and Jamshidi, efforts have always been made to create target markets in South America, Central America and neighboring countries and Pardis was able to export two million tons of its 3.2 million tons production despite the sanctions."

He referred to the upward trend of urea prices in the first six months of last year, and said: "Last year, urea prices in the global market increased sharply, so that in the first half of the year it increased to $836 per ton, but in the second half it declined and dropped from $836 to $240 per ton."

The CEO of Pardis Petrochemical Company continued: "Since I have been in service at the company, global markets have returned to their upward trend and today urea is exported at a price of about $300 per ton; according to international economic magazines' forecasts, it is possible that by the end of this year, prices will continue to rise and reach $480 per ton. However, we know that the market has ups and downs."

Lavasani, while appreciating the efforts of Pardis' previous management, said: "In the previous management period, Mr. Shahriari provided infrastructure and strengthened it during Mr. Zolfaqari's time and reached its peak during Mr. Jamshidi's time; we also targeted three new target markets. Africa is one of these target markets for sales that will be loaded next week."

Knowledge-based companies are Pardis' focus

Lavasani also referred to the 27th International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition, and said: "We are witnessing the potential of knowledge-based companies at the exhibition and we are trying to use their capacity in domestic production."

He said that annually “we spend $15 million in the field of maintenance, spare parts, parts and equipment for rotating equipment and other parts needed in process safety, F&G, FIRE & DETECTOR and other areas related to maintenance HSE and operation. We hope to be able to meet some of these needs through domestic manufacturers and knowledge-based companies.”

The CEO of Pardis Petrochemical Company emphasized on the importance of R&D for Pardis Petrochemical Company and said: "In addition to R&D in the company, we are also trying to use the potential of knowledge-based companies that have flourished in the country."

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