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Iran Aims to Become Technology, Services Export Hub

Iran Aims to Become Technology, Services Export Hub
(Saturday, May 20, 2023) 10:31

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iran's Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (PRTC) held a specialized meeting on Friday to review its achievements in completing the value chain of methanol and the comprehensive catalyst document, as part of the 27th Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition (Iran Oil Show).

Majid Daftari, the CEO of PRTC, said that various petrochemical holdings benefit from the knowledge and technology of this company and announced the signing of a contract with Persian Gulf Holding and then Parsian Oil and Gas Company in the field of converting methanol to propylene (PVM) with a capacity of 500,000 tons, on Friday (May 19).

Daftari said at the specialized meeting on "Reviewing the achievements of Petrochemical Research and Technology Company, Methanol Chain and Catalyst Document" that 27 percent of PRTC contracts are in the field of chemical and novel materials, 20 percent in non-polymeric processes, 20 percent in polymeric processes, 30 percent in non-polymeric catalysts and three percent in polymeric catalysts.

He also reported on covering 40 percent of 200 catalysts of the petrochemical industry, and said: “We do not exclusively provide technical knowhow to any company, but we outsource production to other companies and sign contracts, including royalty contracts.”

Daftari referred to the achievements of his company and emphasized on optimizing and solving process problems of production units, improving existing knowledge and expanding knowledge boundaries, developing technical knowledge of strategic petrochemical materials, developing technical knowledge for producing petrochemical products, developing knowledge required for downstream petrochemical industries and developing technical knowledge for producing petrochemical catalysts.

He also referred to the research and technology infrastructure and called the company's demo plants unique, and said: “Demo plant means industrial units that include production from A to Z; HDPE and PP demo plants in Arak center and PET and MTP demo plants in Mahshahr center are among the important demo plants.”

The CEO of Petrochemical Research and Technology Company also referred to the model of achieving domestic technology by going through the stages of LAB SCALE, BENCH SCALE, PILOT PLANT SCALE and DEMO PLANT SCALE and emphasized that in many cases, “we find out in the early stages that the material is suitable for mass production.”

Daftari also emphasized on the structure of the company's activities and referred to the connection between PRTC and Arak, Mahshahr, Asaluyeh and Tehran centers with universities and research centers, knowledge-based companies, petrochemical complexes, suppliers and downstream industries.

He said: “Our big customers are petrochemical complexes such as Tabriz Petrochemical Company, Bushehr Petrochemical Company, Lorch Petrochemical Company, Qeshm Petrochemical Company, Mapna Company, foreign companies, etc.”

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