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Arvand Petchem Company to Build 2nd PVC Unit Using Domestic Capabilities

Arvand Petchem Company to Build 2nd PVC Unit Using Domestic Capabilities
(Friday, May 19, 2023) 16:16

TEHRAN (NIPNA) - Iran's Arvand petrochemical company will start construction of a second unit to produce polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a widely used plastic material, using 50% to 60% of domestic equipment and technology, its chief executive said on Friday.

Mohammad Reza Karimi told reporters at the Iran oil and gas exhibition that the second unit would have a similar capacity and technology as the first one, which produces 240,000 tonnes of PVC per year.

"We have finalised the memorandum of understanding for the second phase of the PVC project and we are in the stage of selecting the EPC contractor," he said.

He said the planned completion time for the project was 40 months, but they were trying to speed up the process due to the market demand.

Karimi stressed the need to increase PVC production in Iran, saying that PVC had applications in 18 industries in the country and that if they could not boost their output, they would become importers of PVC.

He also pointed to the potential for expanding PVC exports in the Middle East, where there was a shortage of 1.2 million tonnes of PVC.

"With proper development policies, we can easily become the sole exporter of this product in the Middle East," he said.

Arvand petrochemical company, located in Mahshahr in southwest Iran, also produces caustic soda, vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) and ethylene dichloride (EDC).

The 27th international oil, gas and petrochemical exhibition, which runs until Saturday, is being held under the slogan "Oil Industry, Technology Production and Optimal Consumption".

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