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Vice president says environment Ready for women advancement

Vice president says environment Ready for women advancement
(Thursday, May 11, 2023) 18:00

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iran's Vice President for Women and Family Affairs said on Monday that the administration was committed to increasing the participation of women in decision-making centers and creating an environment for their advancement in the country.

Speaking at a nationwide meeting of women and family counselors in the oil industry, Ensiyeh Khazali said the administration intended to move with unity towards the elevation of women and believed that women were one of the largest capitals of society.

She said that family-centeredness and justice-centeredness were among the beliefs of the thirteenth administration, and added that it had taken several measures to support women and family issues in the past year.

These included infertility insurance with 90% coverage, breastfeeding insurance until the end of breastfeeding and their children until the end of five years, rural women insurance with three children (social insurance) and special facilities for rural people born in the 80s, she said.

She also said that studies were conducted on the participation of women in major decision-making councils, which was unprecedented in its kind, and that President Ebrahim Raisi emphasized the participation of women in decision-making centers.

She emphasized that many family issues needed to be addressed, and said that women were a clear manifestation of sacrifice and altruism.

The official added that the direction of the movement of the Revolution was towards using the capabilities of women and the environment for the advancement of women in the country.

She concluded by expressing hope that with the efforts of all Iranian women and the support of managers, more growth and progress of Iranian women would be witnessed and that she would also serve in terms of laws and policies.

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