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Shazand Petchem Localizes Turboexpander, Saves Billions

Shazand Petchem Localizes Turboexpander, Saves Billions
(Saturday, May 6, 2023) 14:23

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Shazand Petrochemical Company specialists have successfully localized the production of a turboexpander device in collaboration with a knowledge-based company.

The localization of this device has resulted in savings of over 4,000 billion rials for the company.

According to Shazand Petrochemical Company, the production of the turboexpander device, which is responsible for heat exchange of methane exhaust gas for fueling olefin furnaces, has been monopolized by only three western countries.

However, Shazand specialists have succeeded in localizing the production of this turbine and compressor device.

After passing tests, the localized turbo expander device has been launched in the olefin unit of Shazand Petrochemical complex and is successfully exchanging heat and supplying fuel to olefin furnaces.

Due to the increase in hard currency rates and production costs in petrochemical companies, Shazand specialists are ready to set up and install the turboexpander device for other units and petrochemical complexes in the country.

The localization of this device has brought significant savings to Shazand Petrochemical Company and represents a major achievement for the company and its specialists.

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