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IGI Chairman Stresses Need for Renewable Energy to Protect Environment

IGI Chairman Stresses Need for Renewable Energy to Protect Environment
(Wednesday, May 3, 2023) 11:08

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Iranian Gas Institute (IGI) highlighted the importance of using renewable energy to prevent global warming and protect the environment.

Speaking at the IPF International Conference's Clean Environment Panel of Petrochemical Units on Tuesday, Mansour Daftarian emphasized that new and renewable energies should be given more attention than in the past to prevent global warming and preserve the environment.

According to the Chairman, since 1980, the planet has been destroyed due to the greed and bullying of developing countries, with the United States experiencing an increase in global warming.

He pointed out that scientists have warned many times about the continuation of global warming due to climate change.

The Chairman also referred to the studies of the European Central Bank regarding the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energies and the resulting economic benefits for countries. Unfortunately, he stated, large energy-consuming countries such as the United States and China have accelerated the process of warming the earth due to the consumption of coal.

The Chairman reminded the audience of the consequences of the increase in coal consumption, pointing to Iran's 700 lakes and wetlands that have lost their existence and suffered irreparable damage such as soil pollution due to the lack of rain.

He also highlighted that the average temperature of global warming in recent decades was 0.7 degrees per year, while this increase in Iran was 1.5 degrees per year.

The Chairman called on the new generation to understand the harm that developed countries have caused to the environment of the world and Iran by increasing the consumption of coal, shale oil, and shale gas for their own interests and bullying in the field of energy.

He concluded by stating that the production of oil and gas from the resources of Chile is the new solution of the United States and Canada to control the global price of oil. Still, it leads to dangerous environmental effects such as increased methane emissions, and renewable energy must be prioritized to prevent further damage to the environment.

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