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IPF: Shaping Industry's Future, Energy Diplomacy

IPF: Shaping Industry's Future, Energy Diplomacy
(Monday, May 1, 2023) 14:16

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The 14th Iran Petrochemical Forum (IPF), known as IPF, kicked off on May 1 for two days in Tehran. With the participation of Iranian and foreign companies, the conference aims to showcase the importance of the petrochemical industry and promote energy diplomacy worldwide.

As one of the most prestigious gatherings in the world, the conference offers an ideal opportunity for stakeholders and main players in the petrochemical industry to learn about the latest achievements, developments, and future prospects of the industry. It also serves as a platform for interaction and cooperation between domestic and foreign companies.

Holding the conference after a few years of suspension due to the pandemic allows the participants and activists of the petrochemical industry to review their achievements, exchange knowledge, and present new technologies. It also provides the latest developments, programs, and investment opportunities for the development of Iran's petrochemical industry.

The conference aims to attract new investments, transfer knowledge and technology of the day, examine the future of markets, and complete the value chain and create more added value in Iran's petrochemical industries. With Iran's huge oil and gas reserves, efficient manpower, and access to global markets, the petrochemical industry has the capacity to improve its position in the world markets and increase production to about 200 million tons in the coming years.

The 14th Iran Petrochemical Industry Conference promises a bright future for the Iranian petrochemical industry and reinforces the fact that Iran's petrochemical industry has a special place at the international level. With the approach of completing the value chain and new opportunities, the conference will host the world's petrochemical industry giants and serve as an opportunity to promote and develop specialized communication and coordination between key players in the industry, revising the strategic arrangement of forces affecting it.

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