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Pardis Petchem Plant Embraces New Technologies

Pardis Petchem Plant Embraces New Technologies
(Tuesday, April 18, 2023) 00:23

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Pardis Petrochemical Company, one of the most important companies in the stock market and capital market, is set to continue its growth process by embracing new technologies to produce environmentally friendly types of urea.

Seyyed Mohammad Reza Miri Lavasani, the newly appointed CEO, emphasized the high importance of research and development in the organization, suggesting the use of nanotechnology and modern technologies to investigate the feasibility of this production.

In a ceremony to farewell the former CEO and welcome himself as the new CEO of the company, Miri Lavasani appreciated the efforts of his predecessor in establishing the company's expert management group and positioning it as a profitable company in the stock and capital market.

He acknowledged the responsibility of leading such a group, highlighting the impact any challenge or deviation in the growth process of the company could have on both the stock and capital markets.

The former CEO, Gholamreza Jamshidi, also congratulated Miri Lavasani on his appointment, noting that every success achieved in Pardis Petrochemical Plant is the result of teamwork and the efforts of each and every colleague and manager in different departments of the organization.

Jamshidi pointed to the company's past achievements, including increasing production capacity despite the gas cut, increasing the average price of Iran's urea in global markets, increasing profitability, and setting up mechanized warehouses.

The new CEO's focus on research, technology, and development is expected to lead the company towards a brighter future in the calendar year of 1402 which began on March 21, with the help of the cooperation of different departments of the organization.

By utilizing the capacity of domestic knowledge-based companies to localize components and produce environmentally friendly urea, Pardis Petrochemical Company is well-positioned to establish its position at the top of the country's profitable companies both in the stock and capital market and in the field of production.

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