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Kaveh Methanol Plant Revamped, Back in Production

Kaveh Methanol Plant Revamped, Back in Production
(Monday, April 17, 2023) 00:13

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- After undergoing an overhaul and overcoming production bottlenecks, Kaveh Methanol, the largest methanol production unit in the world, has been successfully put back into operation.

Utilizing domestically-produced catalysts and auxiliary services units for electricity, steam, and oxygen, the plant is now producing 2,310,000 tons of methanol annually in Deir County.

In addition to meeting the needs of the complex, the oxygen and nitrogen produced are being used for health and medical purposes, as well as for the benefit of industries across the country.

The complex's ancillary services are provided by its utility unit, and methanol is exported from a dedicated dock.

This marks a significant achievement for Kaveh Methanol Plant and positions the company to continue leading the global methanol production market.

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