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Sabalan Petchem Plant Breaks Barriers to Reach 85% Capacity

Sabalan Petchem Plant Breaks Barriers to Reach 85% Capacity
(Thursday, April 13, 2023) 19:12

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Sabalan Petrochemical Plant has made an impressive breakthrough, overcoming production obstacles to achieve 85% of its nominal capacity.

This milestone was announced by the CEO of Sepehr Energy Holding, Ali Yari, in the year of "inflation control and production growth," during his visit to the plant.

"Sustainable production, increasing capacity, and tackling Sabalan's long-standing issues are our top priorities," Yari said, exuding confidence and pride.

"Our efforts are driven by the desire to create value for shareholders, but also to accelerate the Dana and Siraf Energy projects, which are critical for the future of our industry."

The achievement of 85% capacity, for the first time in the plant's history, is a testament to the relentless follow-up measures taken by the company to provide the necessary feed and remove the obstacles that had hindered its performance.

The result is a remarkable increase in the production of grade AA methanol, which reached 700,000 tons in the past fiscal year.

But Sabalan Petrochemical Plant is not content with this success. The company is already devising plans to double its production of grade AA methanol to about 1,400,000 tons in the coming year.

Such ambition and vision reflect the plant's determination to remain a leader in the field, and to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Iranian economy.

As the plant continues to rise to new heights, we can only wonder what other barriers it will break, and what new achievements it will unlock.

One thing is certain: Sabalan Petrochemical Plant is a shining example of what can be achieved with hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence.

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