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Phase 1 of NGL3200 Plant Online Soon

Phase 1 of NGL3200 Plant Online Soon
(Monday, April 10, 2023) 17:55

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – A groundbreaking gas refining project is on the verge of realization in the shimmering heat of the Persian Gulf.

Nestled within the Howeizeh Gas Refinery, the NGL3200 gas refining project promises to elevate the region's gas refining capabilities to unprecedented heights. Its first phase is about to come online, boasting an astounding daily processing capacity of 250 million cubic feet. As the world watches in awe, the Persian Gulf is set to unveil its latest triumph of modern engineering.

Upon full implementation of the NGL3200 project, the Persian Gulf Gas Refinery will not only curb flaring and environmental pollution in Azadegan, Northern Yaran, South Yaran, Yadavaran, Darkhowin, and Arvandan oil fields, but will also contribute to the country's gas supply. This staggering feat required an investment of $1.3 billion and will provide feedstock to petrochemical complexes in Mahshahr region, as well as send light and refined gases to the national distribution network.

But the stunning benefits do not end there. The refinery also produces granulated sulfur as a valuable byproduct. This substance serves a crucial role in both chemical and agricultural industries, thus, contributing to the nation's economy.

As the Persian Gulf's NGL3200 project reaches completion, the world looks forward to the advancements and benefits it will bring to the region and beyond.

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