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CEO Outlines NPC New Year Plans

CEO Outlines NPC New Year Plans
(Monday, April 10, 2023) 17:43

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The National Petrochemical Company (NPC) CEO, Morteza Shahmirzaei, recently held a friendly meeting with media outlets to expound on the company’s plans for the current Iranian calendar year which began on March 21.

During the meeting that was held on Saturday, he unveiled a comprehensive master plan for the growth of petrochemical production and support for the completion of the industry's value chain.

Shahmirzaei also shared the NPC's ambitious goals and plans for the current Iranian calendar year of 1402, which began on March 21.

As part of this year's slogan of "inflation control and production growth," the petrochemical industry has committed to fulfilling its plans for 1402. Shahmirzaei noted that the industry had a successful year in 1401, meeting its commitments ahead of schedule, completing projects, and providing the country with valuable currency.

The NPC CEO also emphasized the need to leverage Iran's vast oil and gas reserves to support long-term petrochemical industry activity.

He expressed pride that the industry no longer needs permission from American and European masters, having established itself as a self-sufficient industry.

In 1401, Iran officially joined the club of catalyst supporters, with its northern neighbors, European countries, and those in the Far East becoming customers of its petrochemical catalysts.

In the same year, Iran exported 27 million tons of petrochemical products, earning approximately $16 billion, of which $14 billion was sold through the NIMA system, contributing to the country's hard currency.

Domestically, about 12 million tons of petrochemical products were sold, valued at $10 billion.

According to Shahmirzaei, the production of petrochemical products in 1401 saw significant growth, and if the feedstock of petrochemical complexes is sustainably supplied, the industry is set to reach 80 million tons this year.

In addition, the NPC plans to put 10 new petrochemical complexes into operation in 1402, with the industry's capacity set to exceed 95 million tons per year.

While the private sector is responsible for all petrochemical industry development, except for the Islamabad Gharb project, the NPC is committed to supporting its progress.

Shahmirzaei announced that the holding of the 14th IPF international conference on May 1 and 2, the 27th international oil exhibition by mid-May, and the Iran Plast exhibition by mid-September are three crucial events in 1402, which will help to achieve the development goals of the petrochemical industry.

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