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NPC Focused on Production Growth

NPC Focused on Production Growth
(Monday, April 3, 2023) 22:23

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) announced the growth of production as the most important goal of the petrochemical industry this year in view of the naming of the new year by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution.

Morteza Shahmirzaei stated that this year Nowruz and the spring of nature are associated with the holy month of Ramadan and added to the honor and virtue of Nowruz, he said: “Congratulations to all our colleagues in the petrochemical industry from far and near on the arrival of Nowruz, which is associated with the holy month of Ramadan.”

The NPC CEO, referring to the slogan of the new year, added: “Considering that the new year's strategy was defined by the leader of the revolution, under the title of “production growth and inflation control”, by the grace of God and relying on the technical capabilities of the petrochemical industry experts, we expect this year to be a good year.”

Operation of 10 petrochemical projects in 1402

"I am delighted to announce that, based on the plan presented to our industry, we have over ten projects scheduled for implementation and preparation for opening and operation this year. Furthermore, the remarkable programs and measures that were established in the knowledge-based sector of the petrochemical industry under the guidance of the National Petrochemical Company will continue this year with divine grace,” he went on to add.

The industry leader highlighted the stability of their operations over the past year, with the exception of a few isolated incidents. In addition to this, he underscored the remarkable strides made in diplomacy and technology, positioning the industry as a global leader in these areas. “Unlike previous eras where we were solely consumers of technology and education, we have emerged as both producers and exporters of knowledge and technology, as well as trainers of experts from other nations. This transformation represents a pivotal shift, and bodes well for the industry's future prospects, with the path ahead set to be rapid and promising.”

Shahmirzaei asserted the importance of the value chain development program and its completion through collaboration with all holdings, investors, and petrochemical industry players.

“The industry will continue to host exhibitions and conferences that bring together experts and stakeholders from research and knowledge centers, manufacturing centers of goods and equipment, and human resource training centers,” he said, adding, “Notably, the Iran Plast exhibition and the IPF international conference will be pursued with utmost dedication.”

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