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Self-Sufficiency Center of Petchem Industry Launched

Self-Sufficiency Center of Petchem Industry Launched
(Monday, October 3, 2022) 22:26

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- "Petrochemical Industry Self-Sufficiency Center" was launched with the aim of making maximum use of all scientific and research capacities of the country in the development of the petrochemical industry.

Mehyar Naderi, caretaker of the development of knowledge-based businesses and construction department the National Petrochemical Company (NPC), told NIPNA that in line with the realization of the slogan of the year and the recommendations of the Supreme Leader regarding knowledge-based industries of the country, the self-sufficiency center of petrochemical industry has been launched with the aim of improving exploitation of knowledge-based and technological companies, domestic manufacturers and universities and research centers, by aggregating the activities of domestic manufacturing of equipment and spare parts needed by the industry.”

Emphasizing the importance of realizing domestic manufacturing plans for the first time in the petrochemical industry, he added: “Important goals and activities for this center have been formulated, which include creation of an inventory for equipment and spare parts needed by petrochemical industries, identification of domestic manufacturing capabilities and knowledge-based companies and streamlining supply and demand in this field.”

Naderi continued: “Identifying the technological capabilities of universities and research centers, improving the ability to design, produce and increase the capacity of domestic manufacturing and securing research activities will also be among the other axes of this center's activities.”

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