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PGPIC Planning Early Completion of Projects

PGPIC Planning Early Completion of Projects
(Monday, June 13, 2022) 23:57

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (PGPIC) emphasized on accelerating implementation of the company's projects, and said: “Launching the projects on time and even earlier is seriously on the group's agenda.”

According to PGPIC, Abdul Ali Ali Askari headed a delegation consisting of the group's deputies and senior executives, during a visit to the Iranian energy capital and visited Nouri, Hengam, Apadana and Sadaf petrochemical plants.

Taghi Sanei, the CEO of Nouri Petrochemical Company, in this visit, referring to the 103% production of this complex in the calendar year of 1401 which began on March 21, said that being constantly lauded as a green industry and the top research and technology unit of the country, 120% growth of Nouri shares in the calendar year of 1400, valuation of 1.350 billion dollars for the company are among its main achievements recently.

Ali Askari, while visiting Nouri Petrochemical Plant, mentioned the diversity of work and the existence of 13 process units in this complex as its outstanding features, and added: "This diversity is very important and is the result of complex processes, capable and specialized workforce."

He added: "Profitability is an indicator, but this profitability is the result of numerous works and thousands of actions by your colleagues that are appreciated, including the valuation of more than one billion and 350 million dollars, which shows the importance and size of the Nouri complex as the largest aromatic unit in Iran.”

Ali Askari noted: "Zero-flaring project is a very important step that should be completed faster, because it can become a model in the country and create wealth and be implemented by Nouri petrochemical experts in other companies."

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