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Successful Record of Ilam Petchem Plant under Sanctions

Successful Record of Ilam Petchem Plant under Sanctions
(Sunday, December 26, 2021) 18:17

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of Ilam Petrochemical Company, referring to production of 100,000 tons of ethylene in the olefin unit of the complex, said: "This company has presented a feedstock transfer project from the 3100 Dehloran LNG with a length of 250 km as a proposed project, which will provide 130 tons of feedstock per hour to the company once operational.”

According to Ilam Petrochemical Plant, Hassan Najafi Semnani in a meeting with Sara Fallahi, Ilam's representative in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, pointed to the establishment of Ilam gas refinery in 2007 with the aim of supplying the country with gas and feedstock for Ilam Petrochemical Plant, and said: “$250 million in Tangbijar, $450 million in the gas refinery, $1 billion in the HD unit and the first phase of the petrochemical plant and $866 million in the second phase of Ilam Petrochemical Plant have been invested so far.”

He described launching the largest olefin unit in the west of the country in Ilam after 17 years without the presence of technology foreign owners and builders the result of trust in the elites and experts of the petrochemical industry to neutralize the oppressive sanctions, and added: “Ilam has the ability and capacity to handle large oil, gas and petrochemical industries in the country.”

Najafi Semnani, stating that the required feed is supplied from Ilam gas refinery with 60% of the capacity, continued: “If we receive feed with 100% capacity, production of wealth in olefins will reach $500 million per year. Ilam Petrochemical Plant needs 923,000 tons of feedstock per year to produce 458,000 tons of ethylene. Ethylene, propylene, pyrolysis benzene and fuel oil are the most important products supplied in the olefin unit.”

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