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3rd Generation of OXI Catalysts Localized in Iran

3rd Generation of OXI Catalysts Localized in Iran
(Thursday, May 6, 2021) 23:48

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The use of nanocatalysts of a local knowledge-based company, in addition to meeting the needs of the country, has improved the quality of petrochemical products in Iran.

Saeed Shojaeizadeh, the CEO of Nano Pars Espadana Company, told NIPNA: "Nanocatalysts perform the same function of previous catalysts in terms of operation in petrochemical complexes, but in less time and at higher speeds and also increased process efficiency.”

He said that his company produces and supplies various nano-products such as hydrogenation nanocatalysts, desulfurization nanocatalysts, oxychlorination nanocatalysts and nanostructured alumina powder, adding the company has developed the technical savvy for production of these items and enjoys the entire production chain from raw materials to technical knowhow of the items.

“Fortunately, we have so far delivered our catalysts to 5 petrochemical complexes of Arvand, Ghadir, Abadan, Karun and Baft Shimi,” he said.

The CEO of the knowledge-based company added: "We have also upgraded the fourth generation of OXI catalyst with Iranian technical knowhow, while the second generation is in use and we have also internalized the third generation."

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