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Fajr Persian Gulf Energy Company to Broaden Product Portfolio

Fajr Persian Gulf Energy Company to Broaden Product Portfolio
(Monday, April 26, 2021) 23:24

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Fajr Persian Gulf Energy Company has taken new steps in developing its product portfolio by maintaining the production ceiling of 6 million MWh of electricity.

According to the public relations of Fajr Persian Gulf Energy Company, Ali Zalkhani is in charge of providing vital services to companies located in the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone; In the calendar year of 1399 which ended on March 20, this company was able to take effective and large steps in maintaining the production stability of the special zone with the planning and efforts of its executives and staff.

He says that during the year, Fajr Company produced over 6 million MWh of electricity, 5.5 million tons of steam, 387 million cubic meters of nitrogen gas, 253 million cubic meters of oxygen, 44.5 million cubic meters of reverse osmosis (RO) water and 15 million cubic meters of demineralised water (DM) and delivered them to its customers.

During the same year, he added, the company received and treated more than 7 million cubic meters of industrial effluent from companies in the region, and more than 1.5 million cubic meters of low total dissolved solids (LTDS) after the treatment process, to irrigate the green spaces of the region.

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