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Petchem Plant Develops Production Process of key PP Item

Petchem Plant Develops Production Process of key PP Item
(Tuesday, April 6, 2021) 11:25

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- For the first time in the world, experts at Shazand Petrochemical Company have managed to develop the production process of polypropylene random copolymers.

The item is used in making insulin syringe cylinders and three-piece syringes.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs office of Shazand Petrochemical Plant, in the year designated by the Supreme Leader as the "Year of Production Leap", a group of Shazand Petrochemical experts and inventors succeeded in developing the production process of the item for the first time in the world.

On average, Iran consumes about 2 million insulin syringes per day. In the past, the raw material for the production of this type of syringe was made of HYOSUNG J801 polypropylene grade from South Korea, and about 5,000 tons of this grade was imported to the country annually. However, the imports were hindered due to the unilateral US sanctions on Iran.  

Researchers and specialists of Shazand Petrochemical Company, in order to fulfill their social responsibilities and solve this great problem that had direct effects on community health and saving the lives of our compatriots, formed a research team in Shazand Polypropylene Unit to consider the feasibility studies. Production of this type of grade began in the industrial unit and after performing reverse engineering process by Shazand petrochemical experts and identifying foreign grade sample additives, laboratory production of its sample began in 2018 under the name of ARP801 in this company.

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